Q: What is HunkCandy?

A: HunkCandy is a website where users can pin / post their favorite hunks from around the net. Users can then re-pin the items they like to their own customized boards or shared pins for other users to see them.

Q: Is it free?

A: It is 100% free to use all portions of the website.


Q: What are pins?

A: Think of the site as a big bulletin board where you can pin items to it.

Q: What can I pin?

A: You have the option of uploading pictures from your computer or posting web page URLs. You will then have to give your pin a title and a description. You may also add tags which are keywords related to your pin. Users can then see your pin image, title, descriptions, tags, and original URL.

Q: What media types can I pin?

A: You can pin URLs which will then ask you to select an image from that link, you can upload images (no gifs at the moment), and even YouTube or Vimeo URLs which will result in a video being posted.

Q: Are my pins private?

A: No. All users and visitors to the site can see your pins so that they can also share them.


Q: Can I advertise on the site?

A: Yes. Click on any of our advertising links to be taken to the contact form page. From that page, you can see which size ads and locations are available.

Q: Can I promote my posts on your site from my blog?

A: Sure. You can use the following banner ad and corresponding code to link to our blog so that your fans can like your posts. This will help bring traffic to HunkCandy as well as increase traffic to your site which could lead to higher ad revenue if your site is monetized.


<a title="Pin Your Favorite Hunks From Around the Net" href="http://www.hunkcandy.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.hunkcandy.com/blogsad.jpg" alt="Pin Your Favorite Hunks From Around the Net" border="0" /></a>

pin it buttons

Q: What is the Pin It Bookmarklet?

A: Drag the button to your bookmarks/favorites toolbar. Then click to pin an image from any website. You can also pin videos from youtube.com and vimeo.com. This lets you pin items while not being directly on the HunkCandy website.

Q: What is the Pin It Button?

A: This button and coding for the button makes it easy for people to pin from your site. Copy the code listed below the button and paste it where you want the button to appear on your website.